Wyoming Antler and Beaver -Stool

Wyoming Raised Buffalo Rug

( Russell Johnson Imports )
$1 700.00

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These buffalo hides come from the Antler Ranch in Meeteetse, Wyoming, founded in 1895.  Once on the brink of extinction, the majestic American bison now number in excess of 100,000 due to the commitment and modernization of ranching operations in the U.S. These buffalo in northern Wyoming are raised for meat production and are free to roam in their natural environment without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.  When the buffalo is harvested, the Antler Ranch uses as much as the animal as possible.  Not only used for their meat, these hides are tanned with the hair on to be used as rugs, throws or bedding.  Since 1895, the Antler Ranch has maintained and unparralleled commitment to the care and well being of its animals as well as the land.